Matriarch & Patriarch - 1997
Materials: Linen, cotton embroidery floss & wooden hoops
Dimensions: 75 x 100 x 5 cm
In the collection of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery

Two embroidered images of plaster and lathe, mirroring the interior of the wall and mirror images of each other: lathe embroidered on white fabric / plaster embroidered on dark fabric and front & back displayed.

Ben Portis: "Lyla Rye" Parachute Magazine. Issue #89, 1998
Betty Ann Jordan: "The Past Reflected..." The Globe & Mail. June 7, 1997

Exhibition History:
2011 'POW: Power of Women' Tom Thomson Art Gallery (Owen Sound); 1997 'Lyla Rye' Robert Birch Gallery (Toronto)

Log Cabin - 1997
Materials: Linen, nails & rust
Dimensions: 330 x 45 x 70 cm
In the collection of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery

A log cabin design quilt "pinned" together with historic nails and rusted.

Ben Portis: "Lyla Rye" Parachute Magazine. Issue #89, 1998
Betty Ann Jordan: "The Past Reflected..." The Globe & Mail. June 7, 1997

Exhibition History:
1997 'Lyla Rye' Robert Birch Gallery (Toronto); 2011 'POW: Power of Women' Tom Thomson Art Gallery (Owen Sound); 2018 Agnes Etherington Art Gallery (Kingston)

Ancestry - 1997
Materials: Wood, plaster, drywall & metal studs
Dimensions: 168 x 60 x 73 cm

A corridor flipped inside out with lathe & plaster revealed on one wall, metal studs & drywall on the other. Through the corridor one enters a room where a standing "mirror" faces a small oval where the drywall paper has been removed. Site-specific to Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto.

Ben Portis: "Lyla Rye" Parachute Magazine. Issue #89, 1998
Betty Ann Jordan: "The Past Reflected..." The Globe & Mail. June 7, 1997

Exhibition History:
1997 'Lyla Rye' Robert Birch Gallery (Toronto)

Peep - 1996
Materials: Wood, plexi, cotton & peephole
Dimensions of wall: 2.4 x 4.8 m

Through a peephole on a blank wall, a glass bedroom is seen situated on the traffic median of a road. Looking through the glass, the city skyline and cars moving on the Gardiner Expressway can be seen.

Exhibition History:
1996 'Peep' Women's Art Resource Centre (Toronto)

Paradise - 1996
Materials: Model supplies, plexi, lights, wood & mirrors
Dimensions: 28 x 11 cm
Collection: The Robert McLaughlin Gallery. Oshawa, Ontario

A small door located above the baseboard on an empty wall. Kneeling to open it one sees a vast miniature landscape; a small scale model viewed through mirrors which make it appear far-reaching.

Anthony Kiendl: Little Worlds (catalogue essay) Regina: The Dunlop Art Gallery, 2001

Exhibition History:
1997 'Real World' New Langton Arts (San Francisco); 1997 '5 Things' Phoebe Street Project (Toronto); 1998 'Little Worlds' Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina); 1999 'Little Worlds' Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon); 2001 'Art in Architecture' Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa)

Between Here and Then - 1995
Materials: Thread, lucite & tracing paper
Dimensions of room: 3.6 x 7.97 x 11.6 m

Cubes of lucite encasing the thread of previous pieces create the tension in a sloping ceiling of grey thread. At the low end of the ceiling are fluttering drawings of possible future installations.

Shelley Hornstein: Lyla Rye: Between Here & Then (catalogue essay) Glendon: Glendon Gallery, 1995
Deirdre Hanna: "Lyla Rye's Thread Sculpures..." Now Magazine. Oct 12, 1995

Exhibition History:
1995 'Between Here and Then' Glendon Gallery (Toronto)

Cross Hairs - 1995
Materials: Thread & steel
Dimensions of room: 3.3 x 5.1 x 10.2 m

A single red thread targets and pierces the structural centre of two columns, simultaneously damaging and mending the space.  A large forged needle maintains the tension of the thread.

Exhibition History:
1995 'Cross Hairs' Robert Birch Gallery (Toronto)

Untitled - 1995
Materials: Thread, pylons, concrete & fluorescent chalk
Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.7 x 20 m

Intrigued by the ephemerality of safety barriers, this project uses caution orange thread to suspend pylons filled with concrete. Channels in the floor of this former dye factory are lined with chalk in the same colour.

Christopher Dewdney: Nether Mind (catalogue essay) Toronto: Nethermind, 1995
John Bentley Mays: “Two Shows That Show The Unshowable”  The Globe and Mail. September 9, 1995
Dierdre Hanna:  “Nether Mind Artist's Jam in Dynamic Group Show”  Now Magazine. September 14, 1995

Exhibition History:
1995 'Nether Mind' 376 Dufferin Street (Toronto)

Phantom Architecture - 1994
Materials: Thread, chalk lines & concrete blocks
Dimensions: 2.17 x 4.8 x 4.8 m

A 3-dimensional drafting of an alternate architecture woven in thread. 36 suspended concrete blocks form imaginary columns and delineate a Greek Cross in plan. Site-specific to Koffler Loggia Gallery.

John Massier: Phantom Architecture (catalogue essay) Toronto: Koffler Gallery, 1994

Exhibition History:
1994 'Phantom Architecture' Koffler Loggia Gallery (Toronto)

Ta Da - 1994
Materials: Thread, steel & plywood
Dimensions: 900 x 300 x 180 cm

Threads strung from steel "light fixtures" suspending a vacant plywood "stage" while describing the beams of two intersecting spotlights. Site-specific to Fort Mason, San Francisco.

Exhibition History:
1994 Fort Mason (San Francisco)

Threshold - 1994
Materials: Thread & screws
Dimensions: 360 x 300 x 180 cm

Thousands of threads describing a 3-dimensional door & frame that barricades the space behind. Studio installation, San Francisco, California.

Strand - 1994
Materials: Thread
Dimensions: 360 x 300 x 180 cm

A woven screen of threads contracting walls, ceiling & floor of the space it entraps. Studio installation, San Francisco, California.

Ether - 1993
Materials: Thread & wooden doors
Dimensions: 6.3 x 1.8 x 6.3 m

Two wooden doors suspended by thread & describing the path of reflected light & creating the composition of a traditional annunciation scene.

Exhibition History:
1993 Diego Rivera Gallery (San Francisco)

Exit - 1993
Materials: Wooden door
Dimensions: 190 x 95 x 10 cm

A wooden door drilled repeatedly until its function as a barrier comes into question.

Passage - 1993
Materials: Rubber & pigment
Dimensions: 8 x 120 x 75 cm

Rubber molds of doors bound into book form.

Exhibition History:
1993 ‘Bookworks Competition Exhibition’ Diego Rivera Gallery (San Francisco); 1994 ‘Dreaming of You’ Garnet Press Gallery (Toronto)

Portal - 1993
Materials: Rubber, pigment & foam
Dimensions: 38 x 37 x 67 cm

A rubber mold of a door flipped inside-out, stuffed & rolled.

Substory - 1993
Materials: Rubber, brass handle & water
Dimensions: 95 x 120 x 28 m

A rubber mold of a door tilted and filled with water.

Dirt Pocket Darlings - 1993
Materials: Plaster
Dimensions: 51 x 32 x 22 cm

A series of 9 distorted plaster casts of electrical & plumbing fixtures, each shown near their source & scattered throughout the space.

Ihor Holubizky: Nether Mind (catalogue essay) Toronto: Nether Mind, 1993
Margerite Andersen: “Toronto Underground” PARCOURS Magazine.  Fall, 1993
Dierdre Hanna: “Nether Mind's Fresh Sculpture Emerges …” Now Magazine. October 28,1993
Kate Taylor: “Sculptors at Play, With a Sense Of Fun”  The Globe and Mail. October 23, 1993

Exhibition History:
1993 ‘Nether Mind’ 135 Liberty St (Toronto)

Nostalgia - 1992
Materials: Rubber latex
Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.9 x .6 m

A rubber mold of a concrete wall forming a corridor by being draped 50 cm away from the original. Studio Installation, San Francisco, California.