Byte - 2002
Multi-channel video installation available also as a single channel work
Duration: 8 minutes with audio
Distributed by: VTape

Through different manipulations of the same video clip, attention is redirected to different aspects of an intimate game between a mother and child. Displayed on a grouping of TV monitors to suggest an electronics display.

Kerri George: Within You Without You (catalogue essay) Sackville: Owens Art Gallery, 2009
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Exhibition History:
2002 Grimsby Public Gallery (Grimsby); eyelevelgallery (Halifax); 2003 Pace University Digital Gallery (New York); 2003 Cambridge Public Art Galleries (Cambridge); 2003 YYZ Gallery Window (Toronto); 2004 Downtown Art Space (Adelaide, Australia); 2004 Museum London (London); 2005 Ette Collective (Lethbridge); 2009 Owens Art Gallery (Sackville); 2015 Goldsmith's University (London, UK);