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Catch and Release - 2018 - 2022

Mixed media

22 x 22cm /13 x 18cm/19 x 25cm/20 x 25cm/26 x 20cm

Photo Credit: Lyla Rye

Catch and Release is a sketchbook exchange project that was a way to visually communicate over long distances. Each artist is asked to respond to an identical sketchbook and initiate an idea through drawing or collage. The sketchbooks are then exchanged and each artist is tasked with catching the concepts evoked to resolve the drawing.The project gained new resonance through the time of social isolation of the pandemic and became a vital way to connect or reconnect.

Exhibition History:
2018 Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery (Oshawa); 2022 General Hardware Contemporary (Toronto); 2023 Raft of Sanity (Buffalo)

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