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Bungle House (model view) - 2014

Video installation

6 minutes, 10 seconds with stereo audio, approx. 5 x 5.5 m, projected on styrofoam/plywood slabs

Photo Credit: Lyla Rye

Bungle House is an installation that considers the experience of living in close quarters using footage from Buster Keaton's 1920 film: "The Scarecrow", now in the public domain. In the film, Keaton and Edward F Cline coexist in a ridiculously claustrophobic dwelling with ever shifting functions. I have seamed sections of their living space together into one cohesive illusionistic room but within this, different areas play in asynchronous loops. By projecting the video onto an array of surfaces, the installation respatializes Keaton’s film set exaggerating the fragmented, chaotic and illogical nature of the situation.

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