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Spectregraph - 2011

Single channel video

3 minutes, 24 seconds with stereo audio

Photo Credit: Lyla Rye

Based upon the idea of the coexistence of ghosts within a space, all the activities that take place in the centre stairwell of Buster Keaton’s "The Haunted House", 1921, have been isolated, scaled and layered so they happen simultaneously.

Exhibition History: 2012 Southern Alberta Art Gallery (Lethbridge); 2012 Visual Arts Centre of Clarington (Bowmanville); 2012 Workman Arts at the TIFF Lightbox (Toronto); 2013 Access Gallery (Vancouver); 2013 ODD Gallery (Dawson City); 2014 Third Space Gallery (St Johns); 2014 Judith & Norman Alix Gallery (Sarnia); 2014 Harbourfront Centre (Toronto); 2015 The New Gallery (Calgary); 2015 Union Gallery (Kingston); 2017 The Cube Art Project (Lincoln, USA); 2018 Saw Gallery (Ottawa);

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