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Ways of Something – Episode 2, Minute 7 - 2014

Single channel video

1 minute with audio

Photo Credit: Lyla Rye

A project initiated by Lorna Mills and using the audio track from the 1970s BBC documentary: 'Ways of Seeing'. In this remake, made by fifty-eight top contemporary digital artists, the old truths about art are modified to the needs of a new age – the age after the internet.

Exhibition History:
2014 Transfer Gallery (Brooklyn, USA); 2014 Gray Area + Technology (San Francisco, USA); 2014 Galerie dé (Olomouc, Czech Republic); 2015 Transfer Gallery-Moving Image Art Fair (Istanbul, Turkey); 2015 SAW Video Media Art Centre (Ottawa); 2015 Kurzor Gallery (Prague, Czech Republic); 2015 Transmediale (Berlin, Germany); 2015 Project Space: Six Dogs (Athens, Greece); 2015 The Photographers Gallery (London, UK); 2015 Western Front (Vancouver); 2015 Vivid Projects (Birmingham, UK); 2016 Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, USA); 2016 Dreamlands, Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), 2016 House of Electronic Arts (Basel, Switzerland); 2017 Flatpack Film Festival (Birmingham, UK); Centro Cultural São Paulo (São Paulo, Brasil)

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